Sometimes you need to move AXBO from one computer to another. Before installing AXBO on another computer, you must first deactivate the license from the computer on which it is currently installed. Once the license is deactivated, it can be again activated on the new computer with the activation key. If your machine is connected to the internet, the deactivation process is straight forward and simple. You just need to click Deactivate License menu on AXBO and you are done! But, if your machine doesn't have internet access, you can use this page to deactivate your copy of AXBO. First you need to create a deactivation request file by clicking on Create Offline Deactivation Request menu in AXBO. (Show me create offline deactivation request menu) When you click on the menu, AXBO will open a Save file window, save the file with an appropriate name. (Maybe myDeactivationRequest.xml)

You need to upload the myDeactivationRequest.xml on this page. You can even open the myDeactivationRequest.xml file, copy and paste it's contents over here and click the Deactivate button on this page.
Upload Deactivation Request
Upload the deactivation request file created from AXBO:

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