Add-ons (Only available with AXBO Professional)
Add-ons are modules which provide a unique functionality to your existing copy of AXBO Professional. With these added features and functions, AXBO Professional becomes an even greater tool for the running of your business. They can be bought and added separately.
Available with AXBO Professional
Record deleted transactions
This is very useful in a multi-user environment where multiple users are working on AXBO Professional. This module helps you keep track of all the deleted transactions. Whenever a user tries to delete a transaction (he must have permission to do so) this module asks him / her the reason for doing so. The deleted transaction, name of the user who deleted it, the reason and the time of deletion is recorded. Later on the admin can view and analyse the deleted transactions.
AXBO alerts and messaging
AXBO Professional analyses your data and generates alerts automatically. These automatic alerts help you take appropriate actions ahead of time. Following alerts are automatically generated:
  • Customer credit limit exceeded
  • Dues receivable from customers
  • Dues payable to suppliers
  • Transactions deleted (needs add-on “record deleted transactions”)
  • Stock minimum reorder level reached
  • Batches soon to be expired
  • Batches expired
You can create important reminders for tasks and AXBO Professional will remind you at the right time!

You can create and keep track of your tasks.

In a multi-user environment, you can send important messages to your fellow users without leaving your task at hand. You can even know if your messages are read or not.
Ratio Analysis
It shows ratios of the following ratio groups for the chosen period of time: Capital Structure, Liquidity, Profitability and Turnover. In all there are 34 ratios. All the ratios are shown using nice 2D and 3D pie charts.
Business Monitor
Important business information at your fingertips.
A brilliant dash board showing you the status of cash, bank, sales, purchase, highest expense and income accounts, stock value, highest overdue customers and suppliers, highest profit giving products, highest debtor and creditors, non moving products and more.
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