AXBO Demo Restrictions (all AXBO editions)

AXBO Demo doesn't have a time limit on it's usage. You can use AXBO Demo for as long as you wish. But please note that the purpose of the demo is to test / check / get familiar with the features of AXBO. It will help you make the decision of buying AXBO easy.

Though you can test AXBO for an unlimited time, it has a few restrictions.

  1. Only one Company can be created.
  2. Only 1000 transactions (including Vouchers, Challans, Invoices and Notes) can be entered.
  3. Transactions can have dates only between the first 15 days of the financial year.
  4. Only 20 Products, Customers and Suppliers each can be created.
  5. Only 10 Quotations, Purchase Orders and Sales Orders each can be created.
  6. Following features are not available:
    1. Copy Company
    2. Restore the backup
    3. Multiple Challan Printing
    4. Multiple Invoice Printing
    5. Multiple Voucher Printing
    6. Multiple Account Statement Printing
    7. Printing (Only print preview is available)
    8. “Edit Invoice Date” choice in Setting → POS.

Please note that not all the features are present in all the AXBO editions.

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