AXBO Design Philosophy

Businessmen, generally, are not accountants and often have only an essential minimum knowledge of accounting. Unfortunately they are forced to use software which is designed solely for accountants and which does not have a business focus. We believe that accounting though important is just one part of business. Daily business activities and processes require more than mere accounts-keeping. Managing and growing a business requires more than just balance sheets and P&L reports. Therefore, we designed AXBO specifically for these goals.

AXBO offers not only a complete and comprehensive accounting software, it also presents business critical modules and functionalities within the software. As a Business Software, it increases the efficiency and effectiveness of day to day business activities while maintaining accuracy. Using AXBO also results in saving both time as well as manpower.

For owners and managers it offers a vast collection of reports comprising a Management Information System (MIS). The built-in reports help to make speedy and better decisions, help in the discovery of leakages and gaps, aids in the filing of statutory information and above all in better planning and formulation of business strategy. You may also use these reports to create your own reports by using various filters. Further you can copy and paste reports into spreadsheets where they can be combined to produce even more reports.

Another important aspect of AXBO is it's intuitive design, anyone can learn to use it in a very short time, no need for extensive training or certificate courses. No need for experts, you and your staff can quickly pick up the necessary knowledge, by yourselves. Just in case you still feel the need, you have direct email support always available.

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