AXBO Enterprise
Enterprise Class Business Management.
If running your business is not just a day to day activity for you, but a beautiful challenge, then AXBO Enterprise is for you. It has all the rich features of AXBO Professional with the addition of excellent tools to further strengthen your analysis and decision making capabilities.
General Features
  • Support multiple companies
  • Copy company masters from one company to another
  • Accounting data can be exported to XML (which can be easily imported into Tally)
  • Powerful Access Control: You can create multiple roles like salesman, accountant, manager etc. Then assign various permissions or rights to these roles. Now you can create multiple users and give them appropriate roles.
  • Customer categories and multiple price lists.
  • Facility to lock the transactions automatically. Once locked, transactions prior to locking date can not be added, edited or deleted.
  • Auto backup and easy restore facility.
  • You can work on multiple open screens. You can minimize the working screen and open another screen and again come back to the working screen.
  • Every report can be filtered on multiple columns. Using these filters you can create unlimited number of reports. You can even copy the whole report and paste into the spreadsheet, where you can merge and create new reports.
  • Every report can be sorted on any column in ascending or descending order by just clicking on the column’s header.
  • Account or the product can be easily searched by code or name. You can even choose how the search should return the results: items containing the search phrase or the items starting with the search phrase.
  • You can choose which columns are to be shown and which columns are to be hidden in a report having many columns.
Data entry analysis
(Features available only for the admin)
  • Transaction details: It shows total number of invoices or the vouchers entered by the selected user or by all the users in given period of time. Upon double clicking it shows further details till the invoice or the voucher.
  • Master details: Shows total number of customers, suppliers and the products in the company.
  • Entry details by the user: It shows all the invoices and vouchers entered by the selected user. The invoices and the vouchers are shown as they are entered with the time stamp. Useful to know which entry is made at what time. You can also delete all the transactions made by selected user.
Highly customizable printing
  • Printing on blank or preprinted stationery
  • Printing on various paper sizes including 3” roll
  • Customizable titles and text on invoices
  • Customizable column names and widths in invoices
  • Different users can have different print settings
  • Multiple Invoice, Voucher and Account statement Printing
  • Copy print settings
  • Cheque printing
  • Alternate print settings for invoices.
  • Import / Export print settings
  • Quick Product Stock
  • Quick Account Balance
  • Day’s Cash Received
  • Day’s Cash Paid
  • Day’s Cash Sales
  • Day’s Credit Sales
  • Find Customer / Supplier
  • Find Customer / Supplier Information
  • Search Documents
  • Unit Converter
  • Basic / GST Price Calculator
  • Discount Calculator
  • Margin Calculator
  • Quotation
  • Purchase Order
  • Sales Order
  • Product code
  • Barcode printing
  • Product description
  • Multiple standard rates (MRPs)
  • Product Group
  • Product Category
  • Product Manufacturer
  • Batch / Expiry
  • Basic Unit and Net Contents
  • User defined units
  • Minimum reorder level
  • Can be defined as BOM (Bill of Material)
  • Multiple godowns
  • Stock transfer
  • Facility to block batches from selling
  • Manual Stock Counting
  • Stock Verification
  • Goods Inward Note
  • Goods Outward Note
  • Product Making Note (Adding multiple items (constituents) to create one item (bill of material))
  • Unpacking Note (Opening one item (bill of material) to create multiple items (constituents))
  • Note Attributes
Product Reports
  • Product Statement
  • Fast Selling Products
  • Slow Selling Products
  • Product Sales Status
  • Compare Sales & Purchase Rates for Products
  • Product’s Profit & Loss
  • Compare Profit
  • Product Analysis in Goods Inward Note
  • Product Analysis in Goods Outward Note
  • Product Analysis in Stock Transfer
Stock Reports
  • Opening Stock
  • Current Stock
  • Sorted Current Stock
  • Daily Stock Movement
  • Dead Stock
  • Stock Statement
  • Stock Value Report
  • Manual Stock Value
  • Stock Expiry Report
  • Minimum Reorder Level Report
  • Stock in Net Contents
    (For example, total stock of Bisleri bottles of all sizes in litres)
  • Invoices / Challans: AXBO gives you the option to enter a purchase by cash invoice, credit invoice and delivery challan.
  • The process of entering invoices from challans is very easy, the user just needs to enter the prices. Using this you can easily point out the mistakes in the purchase invoices. It shows the last 5 purchases made from the selected supplier for the product being purchased.
  • You can add or remove various charges like transport, packaging etc.
  • With the Quantity calculator you can easily enter products even when they are mentioned in different units than the ones you use.
  • Purchase returns can be made using cash and credit purchase return.
  • VAT: It can be applied in 2 different ways:
    • To each product individually
    • To whole invoice
Purchase Reports
  • Purchase Register
  • Purchase Return Register
  • Purchase Statement
  • Purchase Return Statement
  • Inward Register
  • Purchase Vouchers
  • Purchase Return Vouchers
  • Monthly Purchase
  • Compare Purchase
  • Purchase by Average Rate
  • Compare Purchase Rate
  • Compare Purchase Quantity
  • Compare Purchase by Role
  • Compare Purchase by Party
  • Purchase from Supplier Role / Party
  • Contents purchased from Supplier Role
  • Contents purchased from Party
    (For example, total purchase of Bisleri bottles of all sizes in litres)
  • Party-wise Purchase Rate History
POS (Point of sales)
  • Works with and without barcode support
  • Quantity in pieces
  • Option to use customer's price list
  • Cash / Credit sales
  • Facility to disallow sales after the credit limit of the customer is over
  • Facility to lock the invoice date and the quantity scanned
  • Facility to lock the rate, discount and net rate
  • Create multiple invoices simultaneously
  • Facility to lock the editing of the invoice
  • Facility to allow additional discount on invoice
  • Facility to create new products from the invoice screen
  • Facility to enter batch and or expiry for the products
  • Different series of invoices for cash and credit for different users
  • Facility to make sales even if the stock is zero (negative stock)
Customers and Suppliers
  • Customers and Suppliers can have multiple accounts
  • Detailed account statement with full drill down till the specific invoice / voucher.
  • Customer wise profit
  • Monthly Statement
  • Outstanding list with address filter
  • Address book
  • Multiple Bank Accounts
  • Bank Statement
  • Monthly Statement
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Reconciliation Report
  • Daily Bank Overview
  • Multiple Cash Accounts
  • Cash Statement
  • Monthly Statement
  • Daily Cash Overview
Accounts / Vouchers
  • All the other accounts like Capital, Assets, Advances, Deposits, Liabilities, Duties and Taxes, Investments, Loans, Direct and Indirect Expenses etc.
  • Receipt, Payment, Contra, Debit Note, Credit Note, Journal, Sales & Purchase etc.
  • Predefined Narrations: You can choose from the predefined narrations or previously used narrations in the transactions.
  • Voucher Series: You can have multiple voucher series for a single type of voucher. The series can be automatic or manual. Depending on the attached series the voucher numbers are automatically or manually incremented.
  • Voucher mapping: When sales and purchase invoices are entered, sales and purchase vouchers are automatically created. (Your salesman need not know the accounting) By using voucher mapping you can control which accounts go into these automatically created vouchers.
  • Voucher Attributes: You can define various attributes and attach them to various vouchers. For example if you define the attribute ‘Cheque No.’, then every time you create a voucher you will supply a value to the ‘Cheque No.’ attribute. In short an attribute is additional information that goes in with the voucher and is part of the voucher data.
  • Voucher Tags: You can create custom tags and attach them to the vouchers. These tags are useful for sorting the vouchers.
Cost Centres
  • Cost Centre Dimensions: Create your own cost centre dimensions like area, department, product etc.
  • Dimension Elements: Add various elements to the cost centre dimensions like state, city, village etc. to the area dimension.
  • Cost Centres: Create cost centres for each dimension element. For example, the cost centres for city can be Nashik, Pune, Mumbai etc.
  • Cost Centre Report: The dimensions are assigned to the accounts. When you make the voucher entries, data is generated for cost centres. Cost centre report is useful for analysing it.
Bill Breakup and Ageing Analysis
  • Practically useful Bill Breakup. (Amount can be distributed against new label, adjust against existing label, advance or on account)
  • Bill Breakup Report: For the selected account data can be viewed by Pending Labels, Balanced Labels and All Labels. It also shows all the vouchers having the selected label. From the vouchers screen you can effortlessly transfer amount among other labels.
  • Ranges: You can define multiple ranges having different periods of days.
  • Ageing Analysis: For the selected account you can view the ageing analysis. You can view it for different ranges.
  • Customer Pending Bills
  • Supplier Pending Bills
Ratio Analysis
  • It shows ratios of following ratio group for the chosen period of time: Capital Structure, Liquidity, Profitability and Turnover
  • Total 34 ratios
  • Nice 2D and 3D pie charts for all the ratios
Accounting Reports
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit and Loss
  • Opening Balance
  • Closing Balance
  • Day Book
  • Monthly Statement
  • Voucher Statement
  • Invoices / Challans: AXBO gives you the option to make sales by cash invoice, credit invoice and delivery challan. There is also the facility to make invoices from challans.
  • The process of making invoices from challans is very easy, the user just needs to enter the prices. AXBO even assists the user in creating these invoices by showing the last 5 sales made to the selected customer for the product being sold.
  • It also helps in putting the rates and or the discounts by various means like rate guide, multiple price lists, purchase history and the schemes.
  • You can add various charges like transport, packaging etc.
  • Sales returns can be entered using cash and credit sales return.
  • Price Lists: There are two default price lists in AXBO. Standard (or MRP) and Cash. The standard price list can have multiple rates for the same product. You can create multiple price lists. You can even create a new price list by copying from an existing price list. There is also the facility to compare price lists.
  • Check Prices: You can use this feature to check if the prices of the products in all of your price lists are appropriate or not. For every product it checks that its price, in all the price lists is not below the maximum weighted average rate of the purchase on any given date. You can even correct the prices directly from here.
  • Discount schemes:
    • Amount based
    • Quantity based
    • Flat
  • Free product schemes:
    • Amount based
    • Quantity based
Sales Reports
  • Sales Register
  • Sales Return Register
  • Sales Statement
  • Sales Return Statement
  • Sales Vouchers
  • Sales Return Vouchers
  • Monthly Sales
  • Compare Sales
  • Sales by Average Rate
  • Compare Sales Rate
  • Compare Sales Quantity
  • Compare Sales by Role
  • Compare Sales by Party
  • Sales to Customer Role / Party
  • Contents sold to Customer Role
  • Contents sold to Party
    (For example, total sales of Bisleri bottles of all sizes in litres)
  • Free Products in Sales
  • Party-wise Sales Rate History
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