The underlying technology and design philosophy of both AXBO editions is the same. Regardless of which edition you choose, you will enjoy the same ease of use, clear and intelligent interface, speed and accuracy. However each edition has got a different set of features. Each edition caters to a particular category of customers or more precisely, a particular category of business requirements. Choose as per your requirement.
AXBO Professional
If you want to:
  • Make cash & credit invoices using with or without bar codes
  • Maintain customer, supplier, cash and bank accounts
  • Make payments and receipts
  • Deposit and withdraw from banks
  • Inventory
  • Multiple godowns
  • Stock inward, outward & transfer
  • Current stock (with bach / expiry option), Opening stock and Dead stock
  • Minimum reorder level of the products
  • Stock expiry report etc.
  • Manual stock counting and verification
  • Complete accounting. (Capital, Assets, Advances, Deposits, Liabilities, Duties and Taxes, Loans, Investments, Direct and Indirect Expenses etc.)
  • Full set of vouchers: Receipt, Payment, Contra, Debit Note, Credit Note, Journal, Sales & Purchase etc.
  • Predefined narrations, automatic and manual voucher series and voucher mapping
  • Full set of accounting reports: Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss, Opening Balance, Closing Balance, Day Book, Monthly Statement, Voucher Statement etc.
  • GST Sales and Purchases
  • Purchase invoices and challans
  • Advanced inventory with product groups, categories and manufacturers
  • Product making and unpacking notes (Bill of material)
  • Comprehensive MIS reports
  • Advanced access control with permissions and roles
What you will miss from AXBO Enterprise:
  • No bill breakup
  • No ageing analysis
  • No cost centres
  • No ratio analysis
AXBO Enterprise
In addition to all the AXBO Professional features, If you want:
  • Multiple accounts for single business entity. You can have multiple accounts for same customer, supplier or bank. Useful to view consolidated statements
  • Define custom voucher attributes and assign values to those with each voucher entry
  • Define custom voucher tags, useful helpful for additional sorting of vouchers
  • Cost centres with Cost Centre Dimensions and Dimension Elements
  • Bill breakup, where amount can be distributed against new label, adjust against existing label, advance or on account
  • Ageing analysis: define multiple ranges having different periods of days. Then for the selected account you can view the ageing analysis for different ranges
  • Ratio analysis: Capital Structure, Liquidity, Profitability and Turnover ratios. All the ratios are shown in a nice 2D and 3D pie chart
GST Sales and Purchases coming soon.
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