There are two editions of AXBO Business Software available.
They are designed to be used by all sectors and sizes of business.You can choose the one that fits your requirement.
AXBO Editions:
AXBO Professional 9.0.0
  • Quick & Easy Setup
  • Fast & Accurate Billing with or without Barcode
  • Cash & Credit Sales
  • Schemes & Multiple Price Lists
  • Detailed Cash, Bank, Customer and Supplier Balances
  • Detailed Sales Reports (Daily cash, credit and sales)
  • Multiple Cash and Bank accounts
  • Expense accounts
  • Receipt, payment & purchase voucher
  • Contra entry
  • Barcode Printing
  • Cheque Printing
  • Auto Transaction Locking
  • Auto Backup
  • Inventory with multiple godowns
  • Daily Stock with Batch / Expiry option
  • Minimum Reorder Level for the Products
  • Multiple Godowns & Stock Transfer
  • Goods Inward and Goods Outward Note
  • Stock Expiry Report
  • Manual stock counting
  • Stock Verification
  • Deadstock
  • Complete financial accounting
  • Advanced access control with roles, users and permissions
  • Sales and purchase challans and invoices from challans
  • Net contents for the products (Stock in lit / Kg etc.)
  • Customer / supplier invoice dues status with credit period
  • Bank reconciliation
  • PO, SO and Quotation
  • Profit comparison
  • Customer order form
  • Sales, purchase comparison
  • GST Sales and Purchases
  • Facility to add extra functionality through add-ons
AXBO Enterprise 8.7.0
  • Almost all the features of AXBO Professional
  • Highly configurable Cost Centers
  • Financial Ratio Analysis
  • Bill Break Up with Ageing Analysis
  • BOM (Products and Expenses)
  • Jobs, Issue to Job Notes and Return Notes
  • Manufacturing with cost analysis
  • Linked PO, challan and invoice
  • Business Entities with multiple Accounts
  • Voucher Tags and Attributes
  • Datewise stock
  • Linked sales and sales return
  • Linked purchase and purchase return
  • GST Sales and Purchases coming soon
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